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Industrial 3D printing of engine components

EOS industrial 3D printing enables cost-effective production of functional engine parts with complex geometries and defined characteristics – even in small production runs.

The benefits of Additive Manufacturing (EOS AM / industrial ) come to the fore in the production of engine and turbine parts, even for small batch sizes. Functional parts with demanding geometries and defined aerodynamic or fluid-dynamics properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively using EOS  laser sintering equipment. That includes fuel systems, guide vanes and turbine blades, add-on systems and special heat protection components. Even extremely complex components made from high-strength material, which may Learn more about.

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Flow measurement probes are the components responsible for gauging the speed and angle of attack of an airflow and are used in particular in aircraft and turbo-machinery design. The speed and angle of attack are determined from the inflowing air. While they may seem relatively small and fragile, these systems have to withstand extreme stresses and continue to function reliably at all times. Vectoflow specialises in developing and manufacturing complex flow measurement probes. It uses EOS additive manufacturing technology to achieve an ideal design with maximum endurance.

Additive Manufacturing in practice – EOS Aerospace case studies
Prototypes for Test Rigs
CobaltChrome MP1 superalloy for fully-functional aircraft engine parts
Demonstration part

EOS IN718 combuster part for high temperature environment

Gas turbine TJ 42
Gas turbine development with EOSINT M system (2 slides)