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Handling & robotics with innovative additive manufacturing technology from EOS   3D printer models.

Automated handling devices   3D printer models and robotic systems often form the heart of industrial production. The gripper systems used must always be designed specifically for the product to be transported. The greater the variance of the products, the greater the need to adjust the gripper systems accordingly. In addition, the productivity of a production machine is often directly proportionate to the acceleration capability of the gripper systems. Lightweight grabbers thus play a central role in handling and robotic system applications

The innovative Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology from EOS (Handling & Robotics) offers ground-breaking benefits in relation to the design and manufacture of gripper systems: The targeted use of materials means that even complex structures can be produced as stable lightweight components. The reduced moving masses have a positive direct effect on the achievable acceleration and therefore on the productivity of the machine. AM makes it possible to adjust the design of gripper systems very quickly if the product to be transported changes.

One of the particular strengths of laser sintering technology from EOS   3D printer models is the fact that functions can be integrated directly in components. Hinges, gripper mechanisms, air channels, mounts for sensors and other functions can be incorporated in the components during production. This makes it possible to dispense with additional assembly steps for many individual components, further increasing cost efficiency. Learn more about

Case Studies
Redesigned handling device

A conventional handling device was redesigned leveraging the possibilities of laser sintering (4 slides)

Bionic handling assistant
Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides weight, flexibility and cost advantages for gripper