Complex components for special machinery manufactured additively with EOS

EOS Plastic 3d printer Additive Manufacturing enables machine building companies to produce high-quality metal and plastic parts cost efficiently – even down to a batch size of just one.

Laser sintering systems from EOS Plastic 3d printer are unique in enabling components to be produced cost efficiently in small volumes down to a batch size of just one. This is a huge advantage in mechanical engineering in particular: here there is an increasing demand for customer-specific components and individual part manufacturing. The components in question are mainly plastic or metal. The production of these components in small batches is a complex matter that is rarely profitable. For example, injection moulding tools are usually required for the production of plastic components. These are expensive and generally have an impact on delivery dates.


The Additive Manufacturing process from EOSPlastic 3d printer is based on metal and plastic laser sintering and offers numerous advantages to machine building companies: EOS(Special Machinery) It means that they can produce complex components almost overnight by making direct use of the CAD construction data. It is also possible to make changes at short notice without requiring tools.


EOS technology offers users maximum freedom when constructing components. The layered structure makes it possible to apply material in a targeted way and therefore to produce very light and yet rigid components. These can even incorporate functions like hinges, air ducts or fluid lines.


EOS Plastic 3d printer has developed an extensive portfolio of high-performance materials designed to meet the various demands of its customers. It is also possible to produce spare parts with almost no lead time. These are also available without any time constraints. Learn more about

Case Study
Mirror deflection unit
Highly integrated components to fully leverage the laser sintering design options
Washing rotor rotolavit
Direct parts minimize tooling cost, lead times and help to handle e.g. regional variants