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EOS Additive Manufacturing for the sport industry

Sporting success through additive manufacturing: EOS Additive Manufacturing allows product innovations to be implemented in the sport industry, thus offering athletes high-performance sports equipment.

Sporting performance not only depends on athletes’ mental and physical constitution. Equipment is a decisive factor in many disciplines too. High-tech materials and specialized equipment tailor-made to athletes’ requirements lead to success.

To remain competitive, the development departments of the sports equipment industry deviate from series products. They come closer to their objective of optimizing the system “athlete and equipment” with new ideas for product improvements.

These ideas are turned into product innovations through the use of production technologies such as additive manufacturing. This results in the production of robust lightweight versions of complex sports equipment, for example, which would not be able to be produced using conventional production technology.

To American inventors, the “home garage” has always been a symbol of possibility – a place for tinkerers to create and innovate. More than a century ago, the Wright brothers founded a cycle sales and repair business from a modest storefront and soon after invented a bike hub that was self-oiling. Everyone knows what they did next in the field of aviation. Harley Davidson’s motorized bikes were born in a backyard shed. HP’s Hewlett and Packard and Apple’s Jobs and Wozniak helped define the modern computer age from their suburban start-up shops. And garage-based entrepreneurs are still at it in the 21st century. About four years ago, Russ Kappius – mountain-bike enthusiast, winner of six Masters racing titles, and a research geophysicist/software developer – worked out a design for a novel oversized hub and high-performance drive assembly that transfers more power from pedal to chain to wheel.

For athletes, this mainly means one thing: a competitive lead in the fight for medals and podium places. Learn more about